About Us

Wishaw and District Housing Association Ltd is a non-profit making registered social landlord operating within defined boundaries in Wishaw and surrounding areas.

The Association was established in 1978 to improve local housing provision, initially through the rehabilitation of turn of the century tenement flats that had structural problems and were lacking in amenities.  Once this objective was successfully completed we turned our attention to building new housing, which we have been doing now since 1990.

Although our primary aim is to provide high quality affordable homes for rent, we have provided a number of properties for Shared Ownership and we also act as property managers for homeowners and sharing owners in areas where we have an interest.

The day-to-day operations of the Association are paid for from income the Association receives from rents, shared ownership occupancy charges and management fees.  

Helping to support the Board and the Association are two sub-groups, these are the Audit Committee and the Health and Safety Committee, both groups are made up of nominated Board Members and senior staff.

The Audit Committee plays a significant role in the internal control of the Association by providing assurance to management that the key risks within the Association are being effectively managed and policies and procedures adhered to.

The Health and Safety Committee aims to ensure that the Association manages health and safety in all aspects of its work and to implement where reasonably practical measures to safeguard health, safety and welfare of employees.