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All Change at Wishaw & District as the Transfer to Trust completes

Wishaw LogoThe transfer of engagements from Wishaw and District Housing Association to Trust Housing Association took place on 1 December 2019 following registration of the transfer by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  This means that Trust are now responsible for the homes and services that were provided previously by Wishaw and District Housing Association. 

The FCA’s approval was the final step required to bring the two organisations together following a year long period of joint working to develop and consult on the proposal. Wishaw and District’s tenants voted overwhelmingly in favour of the transfer in a tenant ballot that was held over August/ September.  Shareholding Members of the Association subsequently voted to approve the transfer at two Special General Meetings that were held in October.   

The transfer will involve Trust delivering faster and increased investment in tenants’ homes and the environment. Trust will also implement a rent freeze for the first three years followed by a further five-year rent guarantee for tenants. Services will continue to be delivered locally by the popular front-line staff team and a new local Area Committee will oversee deliver of the transfer promises and shape local services. Trust will also deliver new homes on the Main Street, Wishaw site that has long been a local blight, as well as investigating opportunities to build other new affordable homes for the many people in housing need in the local area. 

Julia Mulloy, Chairperson at Wishaw and District, commented, “A great deal of hard work has been carried out over the past year by the Board of Directors and staff team, supported by Mags Lightbody, the Statutory Manager appointed by the Scottish Housing Regulator, to get us to this point. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone involved for this. I would also like to thank Wishaw and District’s tenants, other customers and shareholding members for the positive contribution that they made to the development of the transfer proposal and for their active participation in the consultation and tenant ballot processes.  This was vital in developing and agreeing a set of transfer promises that will deliver real long-term benefits for existing and future tenants.” 

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Rhona McLeod, Chief Executive at Trust, added: "I am delighted that we have now been able to successfully conclude the transfer process and I would like to express a warm welcome to Trust to Wishaw and District's tenants, other customers and staff team.  The outcome of the recent ballot with 97% voting in support of the transfer provided a clear mandate for change.  We are now ready and mobilised to start to deliver on the transfer commitments that we made to the tenants".

Trust is one of Scotland's leading housing, care and support providers with over 2,600 homes across Scotland, along with a range of general needs and mid-market rented housing.  The transfer of Wishaw and District brings significant general needs experties and almost 1,000 additional homes and over a third of Trust's business in North Lanarkshire.

Pictured are the first new Trust 'Wishaw and District Housing' tenants signing up at the Wishaw office this morning (Monday 2nd December), alongside Tracey Fyfe (Allocations and Housing Officer), Caitlyn McCafferty (Customer Services Officer) and Rhona McLeod (CEO).