Report a Repair

Repairs, should whenever possible, be reported during office hours at the office.
Before you report a repair to Wishaw and District Housing, please consider the following questions.

Is the Repair an Emergency? If your repair is categorised as an emergency, we recommend you call Wishaw and District Housing on 01698-377200 rather than use the online facility.
Is the repair an Emergency outwith opening hours?

If you are a tenant of Trust Housing Association (Wishaw and District Housing) and have an emergency repair outwith office working hours (9.00am-4.30pm Monday-Thursday, 9.00am-4.00pm Friday), please contact our Emergency Contractors as specified on our Emergency Repairs Outwith Office Hours page. 

Is the Repair a non-Emergency? Non-Emergency repairs can be reported online.  On receipt, Wishaw and District Housing will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment time to have the works carried out.
Is it a Rechargeable Repair?

Sometimes repairs are required as a result of accident, negligence or misuse by you, a member of your household, pets, or visitors to the property.  In these cases the work will be carried out however, you will be charged for this work - this is classed as a Rechargeable Repair.  

If the work is required as a result of criminal damage, you must contact the police for a crime report number to enable the work to be passed to the insurance company otherwise you will be liable for the cost of this work.