Repairs, Maintenance and Defects

Trust is responsible for most of the repairs to our properties but there are a number of repairs that are your responsibility as the tenants (Wishaw and District Housing).  The Repairs, Maintenance and Defects tables give an indication of who is responsible for what.

Important Notes

  1. Any item classed as our responsibility but which is damaged by the tenant or a member of the tenant's household, will become the responsibility of the tenant to repair or replace.
  2. Repairs to items fitted by tenants (e.g. doors, gas and electric fire, kitchen units etc.) will not be covered by us.
  3. If items that have been fitted by the tenants require to be replaced, we will normally only provide standard replacements.  For example; we will replace a coloured bath with a standard white one.

Trust's Investment Promise

Now that Wishaw and District Housing is a part of Trust Housing Association, an exciting programme of works will soon be underway. An extra £3 million will be spent on improving homes by April 2023 - including making homes warmer and reducing heating bills, as well as improvements for local communal areas.

Cyclical Maintenance Programme

Our cyclical maintenance programme details the cycle of works and inspections we undertake on a regular basis.  Gas safety inspections and gutter cleaning are undertaken every year.  External painterwork is carried out on properties on a five yearly cycle and electrical testing and inspections are undertaken on a seven year cycle.

Planned Maintenance Programme

Our planned maintenance programme details the building component replacements we intend to carrry out over the next five years.  As we plan ahead we have to make certain assumptions about the quality and condition of our stock. This changes from year to year and we reassess our programme and re-schedule works as required on an annual basis.

The programme is subject to change following the Stock Condition Survey, which was last carried out for 2017-18 and is due to be carried out every three years thereafter.