Rechargeable Repairs

If Wishaw and District Housing carries out a repair that is classed as being your responsibility, we will ask you to pay back the cost of the repair.  The following sections outline some of the occasions where this may occur:

Rechargeable Repairs
Tenant Damage or Neglect

If any repair required to the house has arisen because you have not taken proper care of the property or because you or a member of your household or a visitor has damaged it, you as the tenant will be held liable to either:

  • Repair the damage to a standard acceptable to the Wishaw and District Housing; OR
  • If we have to carry out the work, pay the costs incurred.
Lost Keys

Wishaw and District Housing does NOT keep spare keys to your house, if you lose keys you will be

  • Responsible for getting a new set
  • Liable for any costs incurred in gaining entry to your house and replacing locks.
  • You should never attempt to force entry to your house by forcing the door as this damages the door and the frames as well as the lock and you will incur the costs to have the damage repaired - if it is necessary to gain entry into the house Wishaw and District Housing can arrange this.

You are advised to leave a spare set of keys with a
trusted neighbour or
a nearby relative or friend.

Access When you report a repair at the office, you will be asked to let us know when access to your house can be given to our trades person.  If you give a specific day and time for the trades person to call but do not provide access, you will be charged for the call out, including the trades person's travelling time.