Planned Maintenance Programme

Our planned maintenance programme details the building component replacements we intend to carrry out over the next five years.  As we plan ahead we have to make certain assumptions about the quality and condition of our stock. This changes from year to year and we reassess our programme and re-schedule works as required on an annual basis.

Planned Maintenance Over Next 5-Years (2017-2022) 5-Year Plan (2017-22)

Our planned maintenance broken down by year - please note, this is subject to change following the Stock Condition Survey which will be carried out 2017-18 and every three years threafter :-

Current Year (2017-18) Planned Maintenance - Current Year
2018-19 Planned Maintenance - 2018-19
2019-20 Planned Maintenance - 2019-20
2020-21 Planned Maintenance - 2020-21
2021-22 Planned Maintenance - 2021-22