Annual Gas Service

Wishaw & District Housing (Part of Trust Housing Association) has a legal obligation (Gas Safety [Installation and Use] Regulations 1998) to ensure our properties always have a valid Gas Safety certificate.  

This legal requirement is shared with the occupants of our properties, it is a condition of tenancy that we or our representatives are allowed access when required to inspect, service or repair gas pipework and boilers.  This usually means an annual service, although sometimes more frequent visits may be required.  We are required to arrange a service even in properties where the gas supply has been capped and is not used.

The vast majority of our tenants accept that keeping their homes safe is a responsibility to be shared between the residents and the Association, but in some cases we do have to force access to have the annual service carried out.  The costs incurred are passed on to the tenant concerned.

Saltire is our current contractor for all Gas related repairs and services. You will be contacted in advance by Saltire to arrange a suitable date/time to have your annual gas service carried out.  If the proposed date is not suitable please contact Saltire as soon as possible to arrange an alternative appointment. 

If you fail to keep your appointment without telling Saltire or
Wishaw & District Housing you may be charged the cost of the contractor's time.

If you think you might have problems providing access for the annual service, please contact Wishaw & District Housing and we will do what we can to help.

Please note:  As long as you have credit in both your gas and electricity meter, the engineers will be able to carry out the safety check.  If the engineer calls at your property and you have no credit in either of your meters and the required checks cannot be carried out, the engineer may have to close off (cap) your meter to ensure that your home and neighbouring households remain safe.