Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement

Every tenant of a social landlord has a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.  This is a legally binding document which details the obligations of Trust Housing Association (Wishaw and District Housing) and your responsibilities as a tenant.

The tenancy agreement also gives you rights such as;

  • Security of Tenure which means that you can not be evicted from your home without us getting a legal decree from the court.
  • Having your home properly repaired and maintained to keep it safe and, at least, wind and water tight. 
  • Succession rights. 
  • To be Consulted on any changes that directly affect your tenancy. 

When you sign the tenancy agreement we will explain the key parts and you will be given your own copy of the agreement as well as a summary of the main points for easy reference. 

You should keep these safe in case you need to refer to them in the future.