Annual Rent Increase

Wishaw and District Housing Association has a responsibility to ensure that the rental income generated by its housing stock is sufficient to cover its costs and to build up surpluses for the future.   Our rent setting policy states that when setting rents a full and realistic assessment of the relevant costs is required.  This includes costs such as;

  • Management Costs, Salaries, Overheads etc.
  • Reactive, Voids and Cyclical Maintenance Costs
  • Planned Component Replacement Costs
  • Increased Bad Debts
  • Loan Capital and Interest payments.
  • Cash surpluses for future planned components

Every affected tenant and sharing owner will be invited to participate in a consultation exercise on the proposed increase for the coming year.  Any comments on the proposals submitted as part of that exercise will be considered by Wishaw and District Housing Association's Board of Directors prior to a final decision being made.

Residents will be issued with a letter by the end of February detailing their individual charges which will be applied from 1st April.

Wishaw and District Housing Association will inform the Housing Benefit department of the increases and, if you pay your rent by Direct Debit, will automatically amend your payments.  If however, you make your payment using your Allpay Card you will need to ensure that you alter your payments to cover your new rent charge.