Estate Management 

..... living in a clean and tidy environment.

Trust Housing Association want all our tenants (Wishaw and District Housing) to be proud of where they live and to enjoy living in a clean and tidy environment. More importantly we want to be sure that the area is safe and free of hazards.

To this end, we carry out regular inspections of buildings and estates to check that common parts are being kept in good repair and that tenants are keeping their areas neat and tidy. These Estate Management inspections will be carried out more frequently where an area is experiencing particular problems.

One of the biggest problems we have is people not disposing of litter and bulk refuse correctly. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your household rubbish is put in the appropriate bins and that your bins are put out for emptying on the correct day and then returned to correct bin storage area.

If you require bulky items to be uplifted from your home North Lanarkshire Council provide a special uplift service for this, however please note a charge will apply for each uplift. 

To organise a special uplift, please contact North Lanarkshire Council's Cleansing Department on 01698-403110 or report through NLC’s website.