Domestic Pets

If you are thinking about housing a pet, or have a pet you have not provided us with details of, please complete and return a Permission Request Form. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld.

Working to Keep our areas clean and tidy - Dog Foul... Bin it!

While our areas are generally kept clean and tidy, there are still complaints from time to time about dog fouling. When this occurs it is very unpleasant for tenants living in the affected area, who all have a right to enjoy their homes and common areas. This is therefore an issue which Trust Housing Association takes very seriously, and we work very closely with our tenants (Wishaw and District Housing) and the local dog wardens to resolve these issues as quickly as possible when they arise.

As part of the measures we take to deal with dog foul, we request that all tenants wishing to keep a dog complete a permission request form, in line with the terms of their tenancy agreement. This form asks a few details about the pet which will help us to keep a record of who owns each animal in an area. By collecting such information we are in a better position to identify the owner of any dog which is believed to be fouling in an area, and also rule out the responsible dog owners.

More information on the North Lanarkshire Dog Warden service can be found in this leaflet and on NLC Website.

We thank you for all your co-operation in helping to keep our areas clean and green and free from foul.