Being a Good Neighbour

Wishaw and District Housing want all our properties and estates to be seen as desirable places to live not only by prospective tenants but, more importantly, to the people that live there.  For most people the key things are that;

  • The environment is kept clean and safe
  • There is no anti social behaviour
  • There are no neighbour problems

To achieve this we need YOUR help.

We therefore ask that all Trust tenants (Wishaw and District Housing) commit to being a Good Neighbour and, as a demonstration of this, every tenant and sharing owner is asked to sign up to our Good Neighbour Agreement.

All the agreement asks you to do is to respect your neighbours, to take responsibility for your actions and for those of your family and visitors to your house and to offer a helping hand to elderly or infirm neighbours.

The most common complaints we receive are about noise and children causing a disturbance. With a little thought and consideration most of these complaints could be avoided.

Being a good neighbour really doesn't take much of an effort
but it can reap huge rewards for you, your neighbours and your community.