Resident Participation - Consultation and Surveys

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gives every resident of social landlords, such as Wishaw and District Housing Association, the right to be consulted on decisions made by the landlord affecting their tenancy or the service they receive.  The Act also requires that landlords develop a Residents Participation Strategy to ensure that residents are given the opportunity to make comments on the services provided by them and also to influence policy development.

Wishaw and District Housing Association believes that every resident should have the opportunity to influence the service they receive from the Association, we therefore include sharing-owners and owner-occupiers in our Resident Participation & Consultation Strategy.

We value your views and appreciate your participation through the completion of our surveys.  There are also a number of other ways you can participate with the Association and you can choose to get involved at a level that suits you :

  • You may submit comments by completing our on-line comments form.
  • Feed-back on our services by completing and returning any satisfaction surveys issued to you.
  • Submit comments on new and reviewed policies put out for consultation.
  • Volunteer to contribute to the development of new policies and procedures or to review existing documents in areas of interest to you.
  • Joining a Working or Focus Group looking at particular issues.
  • Set up a Residents' Group in your area.  More information on this is available in the Association's Setting Up a Residents Group information leaflet.

Resident Participation (Consultation and Surveys)
Subject MatterConsultation DateConsultation
Outcome ReportNext Revision Date
Rent increase Consultation 2019/20 14/12/18 Expired Outcome Report December 2019
Anti-Social Behaviour Consultation May 2018 24/05/18 Expired Outcome Report May 2021
Rent Increase Consultation 2018/19

22/12/17 Expired Outcome Report December 2018
Feedback on the Annual Report on Charter 2016-17

31/10/17 Expired October 2018
Allocations Consultation July-Aug 2017 July-August 2017 Expired Outcome Report August 2020
Rent Increase Consultation 2017/18 22/12/16 Expired Outcome Report December 2017
Rent Increase Consultation 2016/17       07/12/15 Expired Outcome Report December 2016
Review of Resident Participation Survey       21/05/15 Expired Outcome Report June 2018
Rent Increase Consultation 2015/16       26/01/15 Expired Outcome Report January 2016
Tenants' Consultation on the Revision of The Technical Services Customer Satisfaction Survey       21/01/15 Expired Outcome Report  
Feedback on the ARC Report 2013/14       19/11/14 Expired Outcome Report November 2015
Revision of Gas Safety Procedures       13/11/14 Expired Outcome Report November 2017
Revision on Medical Adaptation Policy         13/11/14 Expired Outcome Report November 2017
Rent Consultation 2015/16       03/11/14 Expired Outcome Report November 2015
Tenant Satisfaction Survey March 2014       07/02/14 Expired Outcome Report March 2017