Wishaw and District Housing Association Privacy Statement

Wishaw and District Housing Association operate this website and we take your privacy seriously. We are the controller of the personal information that we collect from you, which means that we are legally responsible for how we collect, hold and use your personal information.  We will use our best endeavours to ensure that the data we hold is protected at all times, and only shared with third parties as required.  We ensure that appropriate technical and security measures are in place to ensure data can only be accessed by authorised personnel, whether in electronic or paper format.  We will only retain your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes which we obtained that data.

For futher details regarding how we ensure the protection of your data please see our Privacy Policy and Notice of Fair Processing.

1. What personal information do we collect about you and why?

Our website is a place for you to find out more about us, your neighbourhood and the services available to you.  When you visit our website, we collect personal information about you when you use our online services:

  • Report a Repair;
  • Report any tenancy/factored issues
  • Make a Complaint or Comment;
  • Exchange Board Notice of Interest; 
  • SMS Text Registration;

Additionally we collect information from you:

  • when you apply for housing with us, become a tenant, request services / repairs, enter into a factoring agreement with ourselves howsoever arising or otherwise provide us with your personal details;
  • when you apply to become a Member
  • from your arrangements to make payment to us (such as bank details, payment card numbers, employment details, benefit entitlement and any other income and expenditure related information

We receive the following information from third parties:

  • Benefits information, including awards of Housing Benefit / Universal Credit
  • Payments made to you by us;
  • Complaints or other communications regarding behaviour or other alleged breaches of the terms of your contract with us, including information from Police Scotland
  • Reports as to the conduct or condition of your tenancy, including references from previous tenancies, and complaints of anti-social behaviour

We use such personal information to enable us to:

  • to undertake and perform our obligations and duties to you in accordance with the terms of our contract with you;
  • to enable us to supply you with the services and information which you have requested;
  • to enable us to respond to your repair request, housing application and complaints made;
  • to analyse the information we collect, so that we can administer, support and improve our services and develop our business and the services we offer;
  • to contact you in order to send you details of any changes to our service or supplies which may affect you
  • for all other purposes consistent with the proper performance of our operations and business;
  • to contact you for your views on our products and services;
  • to protect your interests and / or the interests of others; and
  • to meet legal obligations.

We may not be able to provide the above services to you if you do not provide us with sufficient personal information to allow us to do so.

We may also collect information from you via cookie files.  - Please see our section about Cookies.

2. What is our legal basis for holding and using your personal information?

Data protection laws require us to have a legal reason for collecting, holding and using your personal information.

In some circumstances, we may rely on your consent as the legal reason.  By providing us with your personal information and sensitive personal information (relating to your health, racial or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs or sexual orientation) and the personal information and sensitive personal information of other members of your household via our website, you:

  • consent to it being used by as described in Question 1 

You and other members of your household have the right to withdraw your consent to us holding and using your and their personal information and sensitive personal information by contacting us.  Once you/they have withdrawn your/their consent we will no longer use your/their personal information and sensitive personal information for the purpose(s) set out in Question 1, which you agreed to, unless we have another legal reason for doing so.

Our other legal reasons for holding and using your personal information are:

  • To undertake and perform our obligations and duties to you in accordance with the terms of our contract with you;
  • Legal and regulatory obligations which apply to us as a registered social landlord;
  • To protect your interests and / or the interests of others; and
  • To protect our legal obligations - while you have a legitimate interest in the protection of your personal information, we also have an overriding legitimate interest in handling and using your personal information, including sharing it with our service providers, for the purposes described in Question 1.
3. Who do we share your personal information with?

The information you provide to us will be treated by us as confidential and will be processed only by our employees within the UK/EEA.  We may disclose your information to other third parties who act for us for the purposes set out in Question 1 or for purposes approved by you, including the following: 

If we

  • enter into a joint venture with or merged with another business entity, your information may be disclosed to our new business partners or owners
  • instruct repair or maintenance works, your information may be disclosed to any contractor;
  • are investigating a complaint, information may be disclosed to Police Scotland, Local Authority Departments, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and others involved in any complaint, whether investigating the complaint or otherwise;
  • are updating tenancy details, your information may be disclosed to third parties, (such as utility compaines and Local Authority);
  • are investigating payments made or otherwise, your infomation may be disclosed to payment processors, Local Authority and the Department of Work and Pensions;
  • are conducting a survey of our products and/or service, your information may be disclosed to third parties assisting in the compilation and analysis of the survey results;
  • are pursuing legal action for the recovery of your tenancy, your information may be disclosed to a third party, a solicitor, to assist in the legal process;
  • are pursuing former debts which you have failed to pay before your tenancy ended.  We may share your information with a third party to assist in the collection of that debt; and
  • to fulfill our legal and regulatory duties to the Scottish Housing Regulator and OSCR.

Unless required to do so by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or ditribute any of the information you provide us without your consent.

4. How long do we keep your personal information?

We review our data retention periods regularly and will only hold your personal data for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity, or as required by law (we may be legally required to hold some types of information), or as set out in any relevant contract we have with you. (See Appendix 5 of Our Privacy Policy)

5. What if you provide us with personal information about somebody else?

There may be situations where you provide us with personal information about somebody else.  In those situations you confirm that:

  • the other individual has consented to you acting for them and to your use of their personal information
  • you have informed the other individual of our identity and the contents of our Privacy Policy, including the purposes for which we will use that individual's personal information described in Question 1; and
  • the other individual has explicitly consented to our use of that individual's personal information for the purposes described in Question 1.
  • Wishaw and District Housing Association's Privacy Policy will apply to our collection, handling and use of the other individual's personal information in the same manner that it applies to y our own personal information.

See Section 4 of our Privacy Policy

6. How do we keep you personal information secure?

No personal data held by Wishaw and District Housing Association is transferred outside the UK and Europe.  Additionally, no data is currently saved in the cloud, however if this changes assurance will be made that proper security measures are in place. 

All personal Data held by the Association must be stored securely, whether electronically or in paper format.

See Section 9 of our Privacy Policy

7. What rights do you have in relation to your personal information that we collect, hold and use?

Certain rights are provided to you under the GDPR (See Section 9 of our Privacy Policy)

You have a right:

  • to ask for a copy of the information held by us in our records about you;
  • to request a restriction to the Association processing your data;
  • to require us to correct any inaccuracies in your information;
  • to make a request to us to delete what personal data of you we hold where there is no good reason for us to continue to do so;
  • to be forgotten; and
  • to object to receiving any marketing communications from us.

If you would like to exercise your rights above please contact our Corporate Services Manager at dpo@wishawdha.org.uk

8. Your Right to Complain

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in relation to our use of your information.

ICO contact details are:

The Information Commissioner's Office - Scotland
45 Melville Street
Telephone : 0131 244 9001
Email: Scotland@ico.org.uk

The accuracy of your information is important to us - 
please help us keep our records updated by informing us of
any changes to your telephone number, email address or any other contact details