Tenancy Services

Frequently asked questions to our Tenancy Services Department.

1. Can I apply for a house with Wishaw and District Housing?

Yes - anyone aged 16 or over can apply for housing with Wishaw and District Housing by completing an Application Form for the North Lanarkshire Common Housing Register (CHR). For more information, please visit our 'Apply for a House' page.

2. How do I get on the waiting list?

You will have to complete an Application Form to get onto the waiting list of all North Lanarkshire Common Housing Register Partners - including Wishaw and District Housing.  We do not operate our own waiting list - applicants will only have to fill in one form and the details are passed electronically onto all the partners who have stock of the size and type in the chosen areas.  This means applicants will have easier access to a range of social housing and benefit from a simpler application process.

3. How long will it take me to get a house from Wishaw and District Housing?

We really cannot give a definite answer because it depends on many different things, including how many points you are awarded, where you want to live and how many houses we have of the type you need.  The points awarded determine where you are placed on the list but your position can regularly change depending on other applicants being added or removed, as well as your own housing needs changing.  However, when you apply or your circumstances change we will discuss your options and how these may affect how long you may wait.

For more information please refer to our leaflet Appying for a House with Wishaw and District Housing.

4. Can I put my name against an empty house?

No.  There is no need to do this, provided the house type and area are already noted on your application.  We use this information to contact the applicant who is first on the list for any particular house.  We take into consideration any medical adaptations or other factors that may make the property suitable or otherwise.

5. How is my rent set and who sets it?

As part of the Trust promises during the transfer in Dec 2019, rent charges are now frozen and will not change until April 2023. From April 2023 until March 2028, rents will only increase by the cost of living (the CPI inflation rate). 

6. How do I pay my rent?

At the beginning of your tenancy you will receive a rent payment card from Allpay.  This card enables you to make payments at the Post Office, any shop displaying the PayPoint sign, via the internet or a dedicted call centre, by telephoning our office or by Direct Debit.  In addition you can set up a Standing Order via your bank or make payments by cheque.  If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit you can arrange to have this paid directly to us.

7. Can I get help to pay my rent?

Yes, depending on your financial circumstances.  In general, if your income is low or you are claiming other state benefits you may get Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent.  We would encourage anyone who is unsure of their entitlement to complete and return a Housing Benefit form.

8. What do I do if I fall behind with my rent?

If you are having any difficulties meeting your rental payments you should contact your Housing Officer to discuss and make a suitable arrangement to get your payments back on track.  We are happy to come to instalment agreements which suit us both.  We can put you in touch with other agencies who may be able to help you.  Whatever you do, don't put it off!

9. What happens if I don't pay my rent?

Unfortunately, if you do not contact us and continue to miss rental payments we will have no alternative but to raise legal action.  This means that you could lose your home.  It is therefore better that you maintain contact and work with us to resolve any financial difficulties.

10. Do I get any rent free weeks like the Council?

No.  The Council spreads their annual rent charges over 48 weeks, giving two free weeks in summer and again in winter.  Wishaw and District Housing divides its annual rents over 52 weeks, so although there are no free weeks the weekly rent is reduced.

11. Do I need permission to keep a pet?

Yes.  If you wish to keep a pet, please contact your Housing Officer.  Whilst permission will not be unreasonably withheld we will take into account the type of pet and the size and type of house you live in.  If permission is granted, it will be subject to you meeting conditions relating to responsible pet ownership including nuisance to neighbours.  Full conditions will be confirmed to you.

12. What can Wishaw & District Housing do about anti-social behaviour?

Wishaw and District Housing believe that our tenants have the right to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes and will take positive and decisive action to deal with cases of anti-social behaviour.  We will work in partnership with other investigation agencies including the Police and the Council's Anti-Social Investigators to investigate or prosecute cases of serious anti-social behaviour.  This may mean using legal powers including Anti Social Behaviour Orders and even eviction, to resolve matters.

13. Can I exchange my house?

Yes. As part of Trust Housing Association, Wishaw and District Housing will consider mutual exchanges with other social housing tenants. You do not have to have the same landlord, but when another landlord is involved you need the permission of both before exchanging.  Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, but may be refused if you or the other party have breached your tenancy agreement or the family size is inappropriate.  Full conditions will be confirmed to all applicants and if the exchange is refused reasons will be given and confirmed in writing to applicants.

For more information on this subject, please visit our mutual exchange section on the website.

14. Who is responsible for my building insurance?

Wishaw and District Housing arranges building insurance for all its tenanted stock.  The cost of this is included in your rent, therefore you do not have to arrange separate building insurance.

15. What do I need to do to terminate my tenancy?

If you are leaving the property for any reason you must inform us in writing at once.  Your Tenancy Agreement requires that you give a minimum of 28 days written notice to terminate your tenancy.

We will formally acknowledge your termination notice immediately after receiving it and thereafter confirm to you the date your tenancy will end.  You will also be advised of any outstanding rents up to the date of termination.

An inspection of your home will be carried out prior to you leaving.  You will be advised in writing  of any repairs and decoration, if any, you will be expected to carry out prior to handing in your keys.
Keys should be handed into our office on or before the termination date.